We are a small, women-owned company based in Madison, Alabama, providing services in the following areas of expertise:

(1) Program Control and Analyses

(2) Resources Budgeting, Accounting and Management

(3) Database Software Systems Design, Development, Implementation and Management

(4) PC Server and Network Operations and Maintenance

(5) Hardware Implementation, Upgrade, and Maintenance

(6) Public Affairs and Multi-Media Support

Our talented staff consists of highly experience leaders in finance, program management, and information systems. Our management philosophy focuses on customer teaming and strives to improve their business processes with innovative and creative solutions. Our pro-active management approach establishes an environment that continuously evaluates operational support requirements to anticipate potential problem areas and implement solutions before problems erupt.

Our Company's management philosophy is simple and straightforward. It has always been that we are an extension of our customer's team. Our people work as an integral part of the customer's organization, bring years of experience and a drive for excellence. Our clients are furnished a pro-active approach which works to anticipate problems and implement solutions before the fact. We have always believed, and acted upon the belief, that a well-run, efficient organization is worth the work required to achieve it.


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The company originated in 1973 as a public accounting practice offering accounting, auditing, and tax services to individual, commercial, and government agencies. Since 1983, the company has been providing both in-house and on-site financial accounting support for commercial enterprises that find it is more efficient and economical to contract these requirements. We also provide management consulting, working as partners with our clients to develop strategies designed to maximize profitability. Information services include computer hardware and software installation and support, from totally integrated, off-the-shelf packages to individualized software programs designed to satisfy a specific requirement. In 1993, when the former Director of Financial Management at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center joined our staff, we began responding to governmental agency needs that closely paralleled those which we had been fulfilling in the commercial environment. 













W. J. Kinney & Company is composed of two major functional divisions; the Commercial Services Division and the Government Services Division. Both are headquartered in Madison, Alabama. Four support departments handle the administration of company affairs, as depicted in Figure 1.0, Corporate Organization Structure. Each of the functional divisions operates under the direction of a Senior Division Manager who reports directly to the CEO of the company. The division manager of the GSD acts as the primary STR on government support contracts and is directly responsible for liaison activities, personnel resource selection, and project/cost monitoring.

Figure 1.0 Corporate Organizational Structure








In summary, W. J. Kinney & Company is a versatile organization with a talented staff of highly experience leaders in finance and information management. Our staff members bring over 130 years of combined experience in accounting and financial analysis to the table, having held positions ranging from Director of Financial Management for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Controller and MIS Manager for a large commercial manufacturing organization, to functional cost and system analysts performing their daily activities. Let us put our talents and experience to work for your organization.

















CEO:                                     Linda H. Kinney

President:                             W. J. Kinney

Marketing:  Government:      Linda H. Kinney,  Allie Swann
                    Commercial:      W. J. Kinney,  Kathie Wells

Human Resources:               Donna Martin

Public Affairs & Multimedia:  Kathie Wells


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Telephone:  (256) 461-0230 or (800) 393-8110    Fax:  (256) 461-0861

Or by e-mail:   Info@WJKinneyCompany.com

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3776 Sullivan Street, Suite E, Madison, Alabama  35758